FAQ's/ Current Rates

What are your current rates?

My current rates are locally competitive, currently £45 per hour for weekly lessons and £209 per 5hr intensive day course for all new students. In order to keep my prices fair for all, I am currently unable to offer bulk discounts. Please check with me for my special Pass Plus and Motorway driving rates. 

Do you offer intensive as well as weekly driving lessons?

Yes I offer both intensive and weekly driving courses. Most pupils either do 5hr day courses or around 2 hours per week though im happy where possible to offer lessons that suit you as an individual. If picking 5hr day courses, many beginner pupils can get to test standard within around 8-10 intensive days or around 2 weeks and 2hr per week pupils around 5-7 months depending on holidays and time away. It is important to note however that since Covid-19, driving test waiting times have increased dramatically so although you may be able to get to test standard within this time, it is currently likely to take longer to get a test.

Do I need to bring my licence to my first lesson?

Yes. I will need to physically see your licence before you start driving on your first lesson. You don't need to bring your licence to subsequent lessons but you must tell your instructor if there is any changes to your health or eligibility to hold a licence/ take lessons.

Im interested in taking driving lessons. When should I get in touch?

 Due to the high demand caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, I am now operating a waiting list, which requires a small deposit to join (refunded on the first lesson). Please therefore get in touch ASAP to book lessons into the future to secure your place and ensure you have your licence in good time.

When do you offer lessons?

My lesson times can be on any day, though I try to generally operate between 09:00 and 18:00 throughout the week including weekends.

What area's do you cover?

I currently offer driving lessons throughout the whole of the OX10 & OX11 postcode areas and a small part of RG8. I also offer lessons within 7.5 miles of Wallingford for area's that fall outside of this, particularly the Downs School in Compton. If you live outside of these areas please still get in touch and I will do my best to accommodate you particularly if you are interested in an intensive course. Pupils can be picked up from home, school or wherever else is convenient if this is agreed in advance and convenient. 

Do you have a copy of your terms and conditions available online?

Yes. Please follow the red link button here to see my latest terms and conditions. My pupils receive these conditions on their first lesson in paper form and are expected to sign and adhere to them from their second lesson. Though I recommend students and the fee payer read these conditions, it is important to note that pupils must give me at least 72hrs notice as is industry practice to cancel a lesson to avoid being charged for 100% of the lesson fee. This is due to being unable to fill the slot should I not be given prior notice to do so. 

How long will it take to pass my test?

The DVSA recommends a total of between 40-60 hours with an Approved Driving Instructor plus private practice though many of my past successes have been towards the lower end of this scale. The total number differs between pupils and could be much shorter or also longer as no 2 pupils are the same and this also depends on distance from the Oxford Driving Test Centre. This is of course dependant on driving test waiting times which have dramatically increased since Covid-19.

Do you teach people who suffer from anxiety or are really nervous?

Yes! I really enjoy teaching pupils who are anxious/ nervous about learning to drive and have had some brilliant and outstanding results on driving tests who do suffer with anxiety, far beyond the pupils initial expectations. Lessons will always go at the pupils pace and I believe I am a calm and patient person who will always do my best to get the best out of everybody. Though nerves and anxiety can seem like a huge barrier to overcome when learning to drive, you really can do it and learning to drive needn't be boring or make you feel out of your depth, its fun and productive whilst still very importantly going at your pace. It may at times take longer to learn the basics than your friends, but stick with it and you can achieve the same as those on my testimonial page who have been kind enough to share their experiences with learning to drive with anxiety. 

Are you able to get me discount on my private car insurance?

Yes. I have signed up to both Collingwood and the Marmalade to be able to get insurance discounts for my pupils. These are two of the big learner insurance companies that you can use to insure your private car, both short and long term. Marmalade network 

also offers insurance products for those who are under 25 who have passed their test and vehicle leasing, both normally having discounts attached to them. Please see the buttons next to this question if using a desktop or at the bottom of the page if on a mobile device linking you directly to each of these companies. You will need my 6 digit code to claim the discount which I will provide when requested. 

Who do you offer driving lessons to?

I offer driving lessons to absolutely anybody who is in need of them in my catchment area. As with most instructors, the bulk of my work is taken up by learners wanting to gain their full UK manual driving licences and I really enjoy helping pupils gain their independence and reach their goal. It certainly doesn't finish there though, motorway lessons and night driving courses are popular with my pupils and ex-pupils, either before or after passing their driving test as well as the 6hr Pass Plus course which can offer insurance discounts. I also offer refresher training to those individuals who have not driven in a while or confidence building lessons to help those who have lost confidence in driving for whatever reason but need to get back on the roads. As well as regular weekly lessons I am often available to offer lessons more intensively for those that are available most times and days. If you require any lessons of any description please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will always try to tailor lessons to your individual needs. 

What car do you currently use?

My current tuition vehicle is my manual 2017 Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi. Though this is due to change in the future, i am likely to replace my current vehicle with another diesel Ford vehicle, meaning I am able to offer as seamless a transition as possible for my current pupils. For more information about my current tuition vehicle, please see the Car tab above. My pupils love to drive my car, almost always preferring it to their own private vehicle. 

Do you offer Pass Plus?

Yes, I am a Pass Plus registered driving instructor and have experience of providing the course to both pupils I have taught and pupils from other driving instructors. Pass Plus is a 6hr post test driving course qualification that can reduce your car insurance premium and assesses you on 6x 1hr courses on town driving, all weather driving, rural driving, night driving, dual carriageways and motorways. Please get in touch for my current rates for Pass Plus and to find out more information.

Do you offer motorway or night driving courses?

As well as offering Pass Plus as seen above, I also offer driving lessons to those who have passed their driving test in any topic they feel they need additional support in, particularly popular options are motorway and night driving courses. These courses can be tailored around you and your own individual needs. Please get in touch for my current rates for these types of lesson and to find out more information.

Where will I take my theory/ driving test & what car will I use?

You have the choice of where you take your theory test but most of my pupils either take it at Oxford (St Aldates) or Reading (Queen Street). Your practical driving test will be taken at the the Oxford Driving Test Centre in James Woolfe Road, Cowley. Don't worry, you will have prepared in advance and will have taken lessons in Oxford to get more familiar with the area. You will also use my car for your driving test, so your surroundings will be very familiar, even more so if you choose for me to sit in the back!

Do you sell accessories associated with learning to drive?

Yes and these can be found on the accessories shop tab above. What could be more convenient than being given your products on your next lesson? Best sellers include fully magnetic L plates and P plates as well as air freshness and much more, take a look!

What can I do if I have any other questions?

Please feel free to get in touch by filling out the contact form on my contact tab above.