Sean's Driving School Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information


22nd March 2020


All lessons currently suspended due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak and the current UK Government advice. If you are interested in taking driving lessons, even if that may be months ahead please fill out my online form (using the link below) to avoid disappointment as my waiting list is continuing to grow. If you are a key worker with an emergency driving test booked in Oxford, please get in touch and I will do my best to restart lessons for you as you may be able to start lessons now. Thanks a lot for your support and I look forward to starting driving lessons (hopefully) soon! Stay safe.

Sean's Driving School Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy (for when lessons resume)

13th March 2020 (Updated 22nd March 2020)


All information below is correct at time of publishing to the best of my knowledge, please keep up to date with NHS advice. Lessons are currently suspended as of 22nd March 2020, but this policy will remain for a period when lessons are able to resume.

These policy changes now over-rule my general terms and conditions and all pupils must agree to them to continue with driving lessons and they have been built around the UK Government and Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) advice. Please do keep checking back here as I reserve the right to change this policy at any time in line with current advice.


This is due to parts of my current terms and conditions all my pupils sign on their second lesson now being unworkable or against current advice from the UK Government or DVSA. Any terms and conditions not specifically covered here remain unchanged. The below changes now supersede my regular terms and conditions until this policy can end in the areas outlined and will be in place until this web page is taken down.


1)   I will no longer enforce the 72hr cancellation policy for those who need to self-isolate because they, or somebody in there holsehold have a coronavirus symptom and need to self-isolate for 14 days. The symptoms are currently (16/03/20) listed as a high temperature or a new continuous cough (please continue to check NHS advice for current symptoms). This will be waived as long as the pupil informs me they are self isolating as soon as possible, but absolutely at the latest by midday on the day of their lesson or 1hr before there lesson is due to start, whatever comes soonest. Any other cancellation will still be bound by the normal 72hr cancellation policy and chargeable in full.


2)   Should you have been in contact with anybody who has a confirmed case of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), you must inform me as soon as possible and suspend lessons to allow for self-isolation.

3)   Please ensure you have washed your hands for at least 20 seconds just before each of your driving lessons. I will do the same, or use hand sanitiser where this is not possible due to being out on the road. I will also keep the car clean in the ways set out below. 


4)    The DVSA have stated that no candidate may go to their driving test if they or their accompanying driver (Sean) are unwell. Because this policy also covers me and I am bound by the policy and regulated by the DVSA, I will, like all driving instructors or accompanying drivers, not be able to take you for your test if I am unwell on the day. As I am bound by this, I will no longer be able to give free lessons as compensation as set out in my normal terms and conditions for missing a pupils test. Untaken lesson time will of course be refunded if prepaid or kept to use for future lessons. If you are unwell, you will also not be able to take your test and must inform me in the same manner set out above.


5)   Should I have to self-isolate during your driving lesson or test, I will inform you the pupil as soon as possible but at least 1hr before the driving lesson is due to take place. I will follow advice at the time, which is currently to self isolate for 14 days (16/03/20)


6)   Any future advice will also be honoured until this policy ceases, when this webpage is removed. I reserve the right to update this policy at any time by posting it on this web page. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with it.

7)   My training vehicle will be regularly cleaned with alcohol sanitiser, with particular attention paid to the seatbelt buckle, steering wheel, door handles, handbrake, gear stick, regularly used buttons and the windscreen wiper and indicator stalks.


It is my hope that this outbreak does not cause too much disruption in terms of driving lessons or tests though it is important to note that there are changes day by day and it is unclear what the future holds. I hope you understand the need for these changes and I look forward to our next lesson.



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