12/04/21 onwards


Dear Pupil,

As you will be aware if you are one of my current pupils, driving lessons resumed from 12th April 2021 in line with UK Government guidance for England. As before, here I have detailed some of the key changes to our driving lessons which I have detailed to hopefully calm some of the anxiety you may be feeling about restarting lessons again after this latest national lockdown.

I am pleased to confirm that I am able to offer all of my current pupils lessons again from the week beginning 19th April and some will also be offered lessons the week beginning 12th April where possible. Before restarting lessons, please ensure you have been in contact with me and responded to any of the communications I have sent to you. If you haven't heard anything from me by now believe me I've tried so please get in touch! 

As before, before each lesson the car will be cleaned on all regular touch points and this will take place each time we swap over as well on both sides of the car. Please make sure you familiarise yourself with the below points.


Points to make yourself aware of:

1) You will be asked about your overall wellness and whether you have any symptoms associated with Covid-19. Its really important that you let me know in advance as soon as you, or another member of your household develop symptoms to avoid a wasted journey, but it is most important that you let me know at the very latest before getting in the car to help keep myself and my other pupils safe. You can expect the same from me. I am currently not enforcing my 72 cancellation policy when cancellation is due to Covid-19 related symptoms, but am for any other reason. I will take the temperature of my pupils on most lessons using my infrared non-contact thermometer to ensure compliance where possible and I reserve the right to refuse a lesson should I consider you to be symptomatic.


2) Face coverings must be worn by all pupils as well as me. This doesn't have to be a medical style mask but must cove your face and nose. A plastic face visor is not recommended due to the dangers posed in the event of an accident and potential problems with glare. Gloves are optional.

3) Please ensure you have washed your hands for 20 seconds just before your lesson and you make use of the hand sanitiser available in my vehicle.

4) Should I (Sean) need to self isolate, I will give you as much notice as possible, though this could of course be at short notice. Due to this, I am no longer liable for any losses caused by missing a driving test or for any other reason given this is an instruction by the government, If the loss has been caused by my self-isolation.

5) As a minimum, all regular contact points will be cleaned between every lesson with an antibacterial spray that also is effective against viruses, such as Covid-19 and has come directly from a medical supplier. These contact points include, but are not limited to the steering wheel, auxiliary stalks, door handles, seat belt clip and buckle, head restraint, gear lever, handbrake, seat adjusters, bonnet catches and all dashboard buttons etc. At least weekly, my vehicle will also be given a deep clean in line with guidance to ensure all areas of the vehicle are reached. All cleaning will be done by myself whilst wearing gloves and no third parties such as car wash attendants will be cleaning my vehicle for the foreseeable future. 

6) Please bring your own pen or pencil with you to each lesson so you can sign off your progress form. Please try to minimise bringing any other un necessary items that you cannot keep on your person. If you do, these will need to be placed on the back seat, behind the front passenger seat.

7) For the foreseeable future only you will be able to attend your driving lessons and you can no longer bring a parent etc to minimise the risk of transmission. This is in line with Government guidelines and the expectations for driving tests.

8) Wherever possible, windows will be open for ventilation. Where this is not possible, my vehicle will be well ventilated between lessons to minimise risk. On your driving test, the windows must be half open throughout.

9) If you are allergic to latex, please let me know before your first lesson as latex gloves may be used for cleaning purposes.

10) I encourage my learners to pay via bank transfer where possible, though I do still accept cash and cheques. If paying by cash, please try to bring the correct money to avoid contact where possible. Remember cheque payments need to be made at least 7 days in advance. 

11) These are strange times and I am here to help. If you have any questions please feel free to ask either in advance or on your driving lessons. 

Thanks a lot and I look forward to our lessons!