August 2021 onwards


Dear Pupil,

Below, I have listed some key points to make you aware of to ensure your driving lessons can continue to be as Covid-secure as possible.

1) Although no longer a legal requirement, I am still encouraging all of my pupils to continue to wear a face covering for the duration of each lesson. At the time of writing, it is essential for all pupils apart from those who are exempt, to wear a face covering on your driving test as well.

2) The car will be well ventilated and where this is not possible, it will be well ventilated between each lesson as a minimum.

3) Between each lesson, the car is wiped down with particular attention being paid to touch points and this will also happen whenever I swap over with a pupil as well.

4) My regular 72hr cancellation policy is not enforced for anybody displaying Covid-19 symptoms who self isolate, along with those who test positive or are told to self isolate by the NHS. All that I ask is that you tell me as soon as possible and are prepared to share evidence of this if needed.

5) If I am told to self isolate, I cannot be held responsible for any disruption caused including when this affects driving tests.

6) Hand sanitizer will continue to be available for your use.