Available Test Dates

Last updated: 05/10/21


Thanks for visiting this page. Below is a list of days/ times that I am NOT available for new driving test appointments, or any lessons on the lead up to a test. If you book a driving test during these times/ days, you will need to take your test in your own car or make alternative arrangements for it and ensure your vehicle meets the requirements for test. Otherwise, at the time of publication, I am available at any other time, 7 days a week. Please also note I am only able to offer driving tests at the Oxford test centres.

Please give yourself enough time to get ready for test and ensure you have had a conversation with me now. about how long this may take. As I am governed and regulated by the DVSA, I am not allowed to take a pupil to their test who I do not believe is ready and the below dates also relate to lesson times I cannot do so please factor this in.

The most important thing is to get a test booked but in case you do get a choice, the general rule is the earlier the day of the week the quieter the roads are around Oxford. My order of preference for test times in relation to quietness on the roads are in my opinion, as follows: 10:04, 11:01, 08:57, 12:28, 13:25, 14:22, 15:19, 08:00 (times may differ slightly).

Cancellation apps work by telling you when a slot becomes available and they can only hold this for minutes for you. Therefore, you do not have time to get in contact with me or anybody else so please make a note of this website address for up to date times, along with any times/ days you cannot do in case they get in touch so you can book immediately. Once booked, please let me know immediately. I cannot endorse any particular cancellation app if you choose to use one, so please do your research first. I will do my best to keep this page up to date but I cannot be held responsible if more than one of my pupils book the same driving test slot at the same time so this is for information only. Where the below list states "test times before 13:30" for example, this means I am not available for any test time beginning before this time. Anytime after I will be and have allowed enough travel time to the test centre as well. 

To confirm, I am NOT available on the following days or times:

08th October 2021 - all day

09th October 2021 - all day

10th October 2021 - all day


02nd November 2021 - test times before 13:30

03rd November 2021 - test times before 13:30

04th November 2021 - test times before 13:30

15th November 2021 - test times before 12:30

19th November 2011 - test times before 13:30

21st November 2021 - all day

09th December 2021 - all day

23rd December 2021 to 31st December 2021 all days

01st January 2022 - all day

11th January 2022 - test times before 13:00

24th January 2022 - test times before 11:30

25th February 2022 - all day

02nd March 2022 - test times before 14:00

11th March 2022 to 26th March 2022 - all days

25th May - all day

26th May - all day

For any dates beyond the 01st June 2022 please get in touch with me first. All the best, Sean.